If you're attempting to send me an unsolicitated commercial e-mail(UCE, or spam), or believe I've subscribed to a mailing list off of a CD or without confirmation (aka contacting me to make sure), you better read this.

Stop. You're just going to get yourself blacklisted, if not kicked off the net.

I subscribe to the SPEWS and Spamhaus blacklists via relays.osirussoft.com, as well as ORBS, ORBL, ORDB, ORBZ and a private blacklist.

Don't assume your ISP will protect you. SPEWS/SPAMHAUS is known to turn ISP's around. It is a virtual "EMAIL DEATH PENALTY".

So ask yourself, "Are you legit?"

Ask yourself this:

  1. Is it non-commercial, or non-religous?
    This is the main biggie. If you answer yes to both, you're legit.
  2. Did I ask for it, AND confirm that request? Did you save the confirmation?
    If you don't have proof, your story is shaky. If I asked you directly, you're ok. If you didn't(aka getting it off a CD or a third party), you're in violation.
  3. Are you paying me for my time and trouble?
    If you have entered into a contract with me for such use, and are giving me something in return besides more ads, you're legit on a legal basis.
  4. Are you blocked on SPEWS or Spamhaus?
    I filter my mail on their lists. If you are, you have a serious problem, and no lawyer is going to get you out of it (infact, lawyers will make it worse, garunteed).

You have real problems if you're listed on here:

SPEWS Instant Email Death Penalty, no notifications.
SPAMHAUS Spam Supporters/Service Providers.
SPAMSITES Spam Software Providers
RELAYS.OSIRUSOFT Open relays of various types

Need help on getting legit? Go here:

Mail Abuse Prevention Services LLC They will work with you to make you RFC 3098 compliant. Cooperate, or your blackhole entry is free!!!
Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-mail Helping ISP's to stop the end of spam, teaching consumers about spam, and encuraging compliant goverment solutions.
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercal Email Legistative caucases for laws to stop spam!
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