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(Copyrights to their respecive artists and owners, of course!)
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Robert Kalin of Smithstone needed my help with his strip (which he renders). I obliged, fixing a few items and getting the strip off the ground. He did two docile renders of RedWolf (along with three others and an animation on his VCL archive). Great work! Visit his strip!

WebTroll of Gaming Guardians did the origional "Internet Janitor" Guardian card on the left. Unfortunately, he forgot the muzzle and front color! Thus, the GIMPed verson on the right.

Of course, WebTroll may not like being painted in the same pattern... and has VIAL-ated RedWolf. Damn, where's that Mk 5 'droid now.

Mia Fillene did a ton of artwork, mostly commissioned (commission this person!), including these of RedWolf and Sandra.

Scotty Fox, a great artist and 3D modeler is doing a great job with my WolfSkunk Quake 2 model. Here's a preview of what he's done so far. Hopefully he'll also do a Quake 3 model, and DanaRogers can do some skins. This is what I get by inspiring the professional graphic designer, Psudo-Manitou, with this site. Doesn't it just scream "Psudo"? Looks like he got inspired by the Sandra & Gaapa pic. Check out his VCL directory.
I commissioned Chalo-San to do my Nali/Kitsume version of RedWolf, since the artist like doing multiarmed furs. 13:11 gave his time to do MZDM Avatar Card #318 and incorporated a bit of my artwork inside of it. Nice, 13:11! Card cursody Furious Pitch.
Coyote Girl of PDI IM'ed me with this peice of fan art, in her style. Ende off of MZDM chatted with me, and needed some influence. So, I let her do RedWolf... to a rather beastly effect.

Got some fanart? Or maybe a story or two? Send it down the line!
(But please, clean up those notebook lines)