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Commissions are sent USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), because it's *!)#(@ CHEAP!!! As of July 1st 2001, all works will be printed by Kinkos.

Yes, you can commission me for artwork! I will be glad to do your pic, as long as you follow these guidelines:

I can and will change these terms in accordance to current trends.
Read up, bubba.

Commissons usually run between $15 to $35 US. Discounts may be given on odd/weird characters.
This depends on how much time is needed to produce the print and how intrested I'm in on the topic. I'm an oddity hunter, a-la Robert Ripley. If you amaze me, you get rewarded.

I reserve the right refuse or cancel a commission. 
You will be told why.  Your money will be refunded.

I am required, due to legal reasons, to contact and get aproval of owners of outside characters. This doesn't apply if it is of your own or my own characters.
I don't want to get burned, and I doubt you want to either, when a character's owner slaps a lawsuit on us for intelectual property. I'd rather play it safe, being burned already once. Therefore, I will forward your mail with my request to the owner. She/he may not approve, but that is not my choice. You have been warned.

I will NOT do any request involving:
  bestiality, S&M, illegal sex acts including rape,
sexual acts involving a humanoid(or morphic) character and an animal(or non-morphic) character, Sonic and Pokemon related topics, or any over-abused fandom genre.
While some people may enjoy such artwork, and there are some good ones out there, most I find are done either tastelessly or are just cloned. Rape and illegal sex acts are items I won't push (and I'm male!). Consentual sex acts, please.

Requests involving these species are limited (I won't do many of them):
Foxes/Vixens, and Horses/Equines.
I may do a few of these commissions. I'm more likely to do a non-steriotypical commission than one which just clones the normal pattern. It's due to the steriotypes that have presented them over the years, and I'm will not contribute to the abuse!

I will NOT accept commissions ask by trolls. THAT INCLUDES YOU, BONDAGE BOB.
I am on alot of newsgroups, including the fur.* groups, as also on FurryMuck. Another few of those newsgroups, news.admin.net-abuse.*, gets hit by at least one person every month who is severely mistaken about unsolicated commercial messages that they will not accept the truth -- even when codified into law! (see California and Virgina) Your past actions can and will influence me.

Please throughly describe your character. 
This is important if your character qualifies as MultiFurry or strange. Sometimes, if your character has a history, I'd like to know too (it'll help with the picture). If you play your character on FurryMuck or Tapestries, and it's what you want drawn, send that (or let me take a look at'cha! I'm on both!). Your character may land him/her/hirself into The Mall of Canmeph 2, shopping for new threads!

Please e-mail me your description before you send money. 
If I accept, we'll talk. It's better to ask first -- I know a few artists who won't do hermaphrodites out of priciple (not to degrade them, of course, but to warn you).

Contact me if you are ready

When paying me, please use PayPal. It is a safe, insured system of payment.


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