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If you've seen these Conbadges I've done for myself, ether in person at Anthrocon or online, and think "Gee, I want one..."

You can have one of your own, of your character, mailed to you! This is an pay-first service at this time, but you will get a preview, and I'll try to churn 'em out every week or so.

Some conditions (read carefully):

Maximum Rating: PG-13 (suggestive clothing).
Characters must be your own.
Please describe your character throughly. If nessisary, e-mail me a description.
I do not accept orders from known trolls, and reserve the right to cancel/refund your order.
Spammers need not apply!

Standard ConBadge $7.50 (S&H free, first-class mail)
Additional conbadges in same order, $4 each
USPS 2nd-day Shipping (Priority Mail) add-on, $5

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Get a few designs on a t-shirt, cap, mug, and more!

Get prints of your favorite character, or commission your own picture of your character!

Conbadges drawn for cheap!

Stalag '99 stories on dead trees!

PayPal handles on-site payment. Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover and electronic check accepted.
Contact me if you need to pay via Check/Money Order. Cash is *discuraged*.